12 April 2009

i've got your back

an alarm clock that runs away from you - much like a human could
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one of the realities of architecture school that i'm still getting used to is the lack of sleep. this past week was a bit rough for me, with my critic coming in three days in a row to see us. whenever we meet, we're typically supposed to have new work to show and discuss, so the one day (12 hour or less) turnaround can really throw you for a loop.

but one of the good things is what i call the human alarm clock. before grad school, i never had a problem waking up the instant my alarm blared kyw news radio or npr into the room, but now...well, then again, i never used to get an average of four hours of sleep, either. so a testament to the quality of friendship here is the wake up call, when you'll, either in person or via text, ask a buddy to call you at a certain time. and of course, the benefit is that 1) unlike an alarm, people can't be silenced with a snooze or even the hanging up of a phone: persistance, and 2) you, oddly enough, learn more about a person's sleeping habits and thus form a better friendship. go figure.

all around, it's a good system. every once in a while, someone forgets, but i know i can always rely on my typical "alarm clocks" (usually yushiro, flo, or reem) to wake me up in the morning if i need it. and that's something that solidifies a good friendship around here.

other marks of a good studio mate:
- won't say something obvious like "wow you look tired," but instead will tell you to shower, blow your nose, or go home, depending on the relevant situation (how motherly)
- will bring in baked goods and share
- will ask you what you want from laverdes (aka "across the street," or the student center) and won't complain if you give very specific coffee instructions
- will serenade you in a pseudo-russian accent (courtesy of my "butt mate")

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