23 March 2009

the necessary pit stop

the luxury of leisure: a book, a cup of tea, a fluffy piece of brioche

6pm thursday, march 19th
was a time we were all anticipating, and now it officially came and went w/ that breath of relief announcing the start of spring break :D

well, not that i haven't enjoyed school, since this semester has actually been pretty enjoyable w/ (generally) interesting classes, passionate profs, and weather that hasn't been so bone-chillingly cold. but you know...it starts to wear on you. and the perpetual pile-up of deadlines made it a race to the end. now comes the post-race chill out, although the first couple days of break haven't exactly been the most restful.

friday, our class had a field trip down to new haven to check out yale's architectural marvels. our car never made it all the way there, though, because of a freak accident in which the front left wheel of flo's volvo came off the car: not just the tire, but the entire wheel, axle attachment and all. ?!?!?!! i was waking up from a nap just as the car started wildly rocking back and forth, and it was only thanks to God and flo's awesome driving instincts that brought us to a stop in the highway median rather than into the 18-wheeler next to us or into on-coming traffic.

truly God's hand at work protecting us. the car itself is a mess, but at least all 4 of us were surprisingly and thankfully unscathed. we're still not sure what happened, since it didn't seem like we hit anything. hopefully the insurance company will figure it out soon.

and...w/ all the shake ups from that episode, we weren't exactly in the right frame of mind to sit and sketch perspectives in a museum. instead, we hung out, watched juno, and prepped for the housewarming party to come. it was a lot of fun hanging out w/ studio friends outside of 3-414 (our second "home") and meeting flo and kurt's "real world" friends. their new house is huge and we helped decorate the walls and add some spice to the space:

a height chart... see the difference between "emily woo" and "sausage woo" aka sasa

here be reem, the queen of spoons

by the way, we were given permission to write on the walls...something not everyone gets to do, even as a child! hopefully flo and kurt won't change their minds and consider keeping the wallpaper...too late, anyways.

the rest of the weekend was filled w/ fun times in nyc, visiting study abroad friends, meeting boyfriends, enjoying the sun, and eating new foods (shake shack!). there was a bit of waiting in long lines, but it wasn't so bad this time around.

and now home. phew. i think i might go to bed at the late hour of 10pm.

_ current mood: happy but sleepy

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  1. very happy to see you last night. :D thank god no one got hurt in the accident! and relative to the cabinets and ceiling, you look normal in that picture and the guy standing next to you looks like a giant.