28 March 2009

my first meal

baked balsamic chicken + whole wheat penne, with broccoli along for the ride

this isn't to say that i don't eat or haven't cooked anything this past semester, but it's come to a point when the preparation of a full-out meal deserves recognition in my life. that's how life-swallowing school has become.

usually when i have a bit of free time, i can manage a simple stir fry or fried rice, the typical simple chinese comfort foods. when time is slimmer, i resort to dishes my mom ships to me (yes...she does do this even from PA) or sandwiches. when time is anorexic, i grab something from the student center - the food source of last resort.

but today, being the tail end of spring break, i was able to do a full-out trip to the grocery store and make what i would consider a real meal. i can't say it's culinary genius because it's not, but it was satisfying to prepare, smell it baking, and then eat afterwards. and it gives me enough for 3 more meals, which is great for anybody, not just busy grad students. i experimented w/ a variation on a recipe i had made before of baked balsamic chicken, with whole wheat penne and broccoli to go along w/ it. the baked tomatoes made the sauce a little watery, but all in all, it was yum. :D

for someone who likes taking pictures of her food, i could've plated my meal a bit better and gotten some better lighting. but a meal's photogenic-ness doesn't necessarily correlate with its taste, as i've learned.

+ + +

in other eating adventures, last night i met up with stef, a friend from college, and we ventured to casa romero, a quaint mexican restaurant recommended by quyen just off of newbury street. my enchilades verdes were tasty although not wow-making nor necessarily photo-worthy, so i'd say you could find better mexican elsewhere but it becomes worth it with the ambiance of the space itself (low ceilings, blue and white tiled tables, hand-painted animal masks on the walls). we also had ceviche for the first time, which was fresh and tangy but left me wondering what the hype is around it. maybe i need to try it elsewhere.

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