25 April 2012

[the big day] Waterproof mascara and tissues

The (wedding related, semi curious but not most essential) question of the morning:

Will I cry at my wedding?

or even,

Will the tall man cry at our wedding?

Joanna Goddard in her blog, A Cup of Jo, posed that to me as I breezed through my largely-neglected Google Reader subscriptions.  Hm.  My first reaction was, "Of course I will cry!"  I have been the weepy one of our relationship in a way that my normally-composed self has now come to terms with, so it seems a given.  I occasionally will tear up (ever so slightly) during sad or particularly joyful parts of movies, so why wouldn't I cry on one of the happiest of life occasions?

Or so I think now.  We shall see on the day itself.

Then what about Marcus?  It's hard to say.  He's not a stone man by any means, but tears are not his forte.  But who knows?  He will probably read this entry and answer for himself.

Will it matter, in the end?  The blog entry features pictures of weepy brides and grooms.  Somehow there is a happy beauty in these images, but tears aren't the only vehicle for great emotion.  Maybe it's a better to  think about capturing the biggest smile e-v-e-r, and maybe a jump-heel-click of glee?

Regardless, I will certainly be prepared with waterproof mascara and artfully-hidden tissues.  Just in case.

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  1. I didn't, and I cry at the drop of a hat and weeped buckets my Sister's wedding. So it's hard to say!