10 October 2009

How big is home sweet home?

I've been interested in small architecture for a while now, but never came across this example before. This is a 96 SF house designed and built by Jay Shafer in Sebastopol, CA, when he was fed up with the excessive space of his then-apartment. He's able to cart it around via flatbed truck and bring it to idyllic places like the middle of this orchard.

There's something satisfyingly simple about this house. I came across it when actually researching the smallest buildable footprint (for a studio project), and this extreme living by being essentialist intrigues me. Would I be able to design it? Or live in it? My current dorm room is more than double the footprint of that place. Now it seems...gargantuan.

One disadvantage? He says he can't have big parties.

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