11 June 2009

[bostonian #2] : boston's only democratic store

so i was eventually able to find a pair of women's steel toed boots, but definitely not until i had combed through internet sites and called stores all over the area, asking with increasing desperation about these boots i never knew i would ever need. my typical conversation with a hapless store clerk:

me: "excuse me, but does your story carry steel toed boots for women?"
clerk 1: "what?"
clerk 2: "oh no. no we don't. do not."
clerk 3: "we do online...?"
clerk 4: "no, but have you tried XYZ?"

the last response (thank you, EMS) was what lead me to hilton's tent city over near north station, an area above the haymarket that i have never explored. i can't say i saw much once in the neighborhood, but the store - a simple storefront on a small side street - was chock full, floor to ceiling, every corner filled with anything you would need - or didn't know you would need (hence the steel toe) for exploring the great outdoors. really, if i hadn't been in a rush to find this one item, i would've stayed longer and dreamed about the many camping trips yet unplanned in my mind. but i got to business, and although the women's boots ended up not fitting, i did find a small pair of men's that could be used for hiking and didn't remind me of oil rigs. the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, too, which made the trek more pleasant.

then the next day i was told we no longer needed steel toed boots.

ah well - at least i know where to find them in boston next time around. and if you're blessed with access to the suburbs and need to protect your feet on a construction site, you could find a pair at:
  • walmart
  • dick's sporting
  • sears (call first)
  • timberland (call first)
or search zappos.com or redwing.com first.

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