17 February 2017

Miscellanea, etc. / 17 Feb 2017

I've had a string of flare ups in the last couple weeks and have been spending more time at home than I would have hoped. Thanks to technology, though, here is a smattering of miscellanea that has kept me occupied in my couch-bound days:

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Rachel Sussman, “Study for Sidewalk Kintsukuroi #01 (New Haven, Connecticut)” (via Hyperallergic)
“Cracks represent something in need of attention, and the surfaces we walk, bike, and drive over are usually overlooked until they’re in truly critical condition,” Sussman said. “By gilding them, it’s a way to see what’s around us with fresh eyes and to celebrate perseverance.”
Artist Rachel Sussman takes the Japanese tradition of kintsukuroi, repairing ceramics with gold, to the more macro scale of the floor, the sidewalk. I can't help but be drawn to her careful attention to the scars in our cities. Her work is currently part of an exhibition on gold at the Des Moines Art Center. (via Hyperallergic; emphasis my own)


Sometimes self pity gets the best of me. But it helps to have someone -- or something -- who knows your pain. Take the Monopoly thimble. Now, that's a piece of metal who knows what it feels like to not just be down, but on the way out. (via NPR)


There are only so many podcast episodes and games of Candy Crush I can handle in a day. So the email inbox ends up being an easy, breezy target for a minimal energy chip-away, making me feel productive even if it's a never-ending process. (Remember, Inbox Zero is a myth.) But maybe this approach will fix my email problem. (via Sydney Morning Herald)


... but really, who gets tired of podcasts? Listening to The Local Mouthful is like sitting in on a conversation with friends around the kitchen table, a dose of company when I'm home alone. Joy and Marisa chat about the news, recipes, and market eats around Philly and beyond. P.S. You'll want to listen with a snack, or else you might get hungry.


Ever want to see Boston from a bird's perspective? Get in line for the zipline across the Rose Kennedy Greenway this weekend and grab a taste of adventure on my behalf. Even if it doesn't inspire you to Experience Kissimmee, Florida, it would at least bring some sunshine into your winter-darkened soul. (via Boston Magazine)


Don't fall too far down the rabbit hole, though.

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