01 August 2013

A pint of summer

Hello August --

Today I discovered this pint of ruby and garnet beauties when I wandered through the Kendall Square Farmer's Market.  The market is held every Thursday during the summer and early fall, but I have just never bothered being in the area around that time -- until today, that is.

The number of vendors here is small, but I was mostly excited to see the two with produce, especially since the Tall Man and I have been thoroughly investigating organic and locally-grown foods in recent months.  (I know this last phrase makes us sound like crunchy yuppies on the organic bandwagon, but I'll explain more about our food exploration later.)

These strawberries came from Lanni Orchards up in Lunenberg, MA and had the shiniest skin I've seen on berries.  And when briefly checking their website, I discovered they have strawberry picking.  Might have to make a trip out there before the month end!

Oh and yes, hello again to this sorely neglected blog and anyone who happens to still read it.  I'm hoping to be slightly more regular now, but no promises yet.  This is, at least, a start, and you might also see some design changes here and there as I make updates.  If you have suggestions, let me know!

Kendall Square Farmer's Market
Thursdays, June to October
11am to 2pm
On Kendall Street off of Third Street


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