04 May 2011

[FAST] SOFT Rockers, to scale

photo courtesy of Phil Seaton (fellow MArch)
Thanks to a Phil-induced studio break, Yushiro and I - along with the String Tunnel crew - became models for Sheila Kennedy's SOFT Rockers.  This latest FAST installation takes place on the grounds of the now-faded Icewall (which, we hope will return by this coming Saturday in floral form).

Loungers orient the rockers towards the sun so that the flexible photovoltaics attached on the rocker's outer hull can transform solar radiation into the energy needed to charge a cell phone, iPod, or even a laptop.  At night, the stored power then illuminates the interior with a cool aqua glow, making for a place to chill out in daytime or at night.

Phil's comment: "Emily, you're to scale!" (as in, you're small enough to look comfortable inside of these rockers)  See the website for more artfully-captured photos.


  1. i want to see it at night! it says the photos are by philip ropert?

  2. I haven't seen it at night either, although the photos look pretty cool (and somewhat surreal). I noticed the photo credit too - at least these ones during the daytime with me, Yushiro, etc. are by Phil, so at least we can give him credit where credit's due.