04 November 2009

It's all about the feet

As a procrastinating aside, my Hawaii-native friend Jen (who will always be my BBB! oh, and Eric too) sent me a link to this fun blog that featured the photography of Tom Robinson. He takes these really great photos of his and his girlfriend's feet wherever they travel, and if you check out his site, you'll see that they've been EVERYWHERE. Amazing. It's also funny to see how there are shots like this one where they're hardcore in hiking boots and just climbed Machu Picchu (my next travel destination...sometime), and then there'll be photos of their feet at a spa with dainty red nailpolish (on the gf's toes, of course).

One of these days I should compile the many photos of my red sneakers in various places. (One of these days means...winter break.) Looking at these photos also makes me also want to find that travel partner, but I can (try to) be patient until I find the right one who would entertain my whims to do something fun like this.

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