20 March 2011

[Tortoiseland] Day 1: Quito

For studio, we're voyaging to Quito, Ecuador, and then to the Galapagos Islands for an investigative research trip to include a presentation of our project ideas, field reconnaissance, meeting tortoises and finches, and mixing in some tourist experience (as "required" by our university host).

Tonight we got in around 10pm, and my friend Nadya and I discovered that our bags were suspicious missing from the vast sea of luggage.  We soon found that they never made it out of the States and are now chilling in Atlanta (our layover spot).  After a mini Spanish lesson from the Delta rep dealing with our claim, in which I cobbled together my lamely sporadic (read: nonexistent) vocab to decipher what he meant, we came to grips with the fact that we wouldn't have clothes for tomorrow and then headed off to settle in and see a bit of the city.

I don't have enough energy at the moment to detail out our first hours in Ecuador, but I feel very foreign to say the least.  But it's cool.  Out of all my blessed excursions thanks to architecture school, this is probably the most surreal in terms of locale.  Tomorrow we tour around Quito and do some presentations, and then the next day... off to Isla Santa Cruz on the Galapagos!