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So this page is particularly inspired by Juliet, who asked me for things I would recommend to do in the City (and of course I mean NYC, with the capital "C").  It comes from both personal experience and a running "to do" list that I keep transferring to one note book to the next, with restaurants I've wanted to try or places to visit.  (Thanks to my NYC folks who have contributed to my knowing many of these places!)

T = Tribeca // C = Chelsea // M = Midtown // UWS = Upper West Side // UES = Upper East Side // LES = Lower East Side // EV = East Village // WV = West Village // US = Union Square // B = Brooklyn
* = haven't been yet
** = particular favorites

- - -

_ b r u n c h
  • **The Smith (EV - one of my favorites and good for group meet ups)
  • Clinton Street Baking (LES - get in line early or find another place)
  • The Breslin (C - delicious for meat/pork lovers, and in the v. cool Ace Hotel - by April Bloomfield)
  • Emilia's (ES - ok I'm biased because of the name, but hey - v. good omelettes and a nice backyard sitting area)
  • Good Enough to Eat (UWS - stuffed french toast!)
  • La Petite Abeille (C, etc. - good staple place, although other brunches are probably more amazing)
  • Sarabeth's (UWS, UES, etc. - v. good but there are other places that have more character, although this is one of the nyc mainstays and I really like their lemon poppy pancakes)
  • * Permanent Brunch (EV - have heard good things)
  • * Shopsin's (LES - oh so wanted to go, but closed on Sundays)

_ c a f e s _ b a k e r i e s
  • **Stumptown Coffee (C, in the Ace Hotel - good cappuccinos, and nice to just sit in the adjacent hotel and drink it)
  • Kaffe 1668 (T - one of the best cappuccinos and good atmosphere)
  • Amy's Bread (C, M - one of the reasons why I miss freshly baked goods in Boston so much)
  • City Bakery (C - it has a bit of a large market feel, but has decadent hot chocolate and quite good pastries)
  • Buttercup Bake Shop (ES, etc. - so good, especially their red velvet)
  • Joe (US, etc.)
  • Le Pain Quotidien (M, etc. - this is a chain, but I love their brioche)
  • Gregory's Coffee (M, ES - sandwiches in compact containers are tasty)
  • * Dessert Truck (LES - now no longer a truck, but this is high on my list of places to go)
  • * Abraco (ES - have heard so much about this tiny Portuguese espresso bar)

_ r e s t o s
  • ** Shake Shack (C, UWS - such good burgers for the price!  lines can be super long, though, but totally worth it)
  • Les Halles (ES - their moules frites and steaks are a great lunch deal - Anthony Bourdain)
  • A / * Ivo and Lulu (UWS, WV - both are tiny French-Caribbean BYOBs owned by the same people, the first with delicious duck confit)
  • Kefi (UWS - very tasty Greek fare)
  • Burger Joint (M - a bit greasy, but fun and a good hideaway)
  • * Motorino (EV, B - Dave keeps telling me about this pizza joint by Mathieu Palombino)
  • * Rosa Mexicano (M - Nat recommended it)

_ p l a c e s
  • ** The Strand Bookstore (US - favorite place to get lost)
  • ** The Cloisters (UWS - ok, so not really UWS but the furthest point north in Manhattan and a delightful visit, especially in the warmer months when the courtyard is open and the flowers are in bloom)
  • * The Morgan Library (M - they keep having exhibits like one on Jane Austen that I've been wanting to see, one of these days)
- - -
last updated: 28.5.2010

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